wzzpmail.dll - WinZip - Zip and E-Mail


wzzpmail.dll - WinZip - Zip and E-Mail is a DLL file provided by WinZIP compression tool.

Download: wzzpmail.dll from WinZIP download page.

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Information of wzzpmail.dll - WinZip - Zip and E-Mail:

File name: wzzpmail.dll
Description: WinZip FileInfo DLL
File version: 18.0.6028.0
Size: 217,088 bytes
Modified: Wednesday, February 11, 2004, 9:00:00 AM
Product: WinZIP
Company: WinZip Computing
Location: C:\Program Files\WinZip
Dependency: user32.dll
Dependency: kernel32.dll
Dependency: gdi32.dll
Dependency: advapi32.dll
Dependency: shell32.dll
Dependency: ole32.dll
Dependency: oleaut32.dll
Dependency: version.dll

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